The Hand that Rocks the Party

    Naysayers can say what they will about Sarah Palin, but honestly the woman has style.  Her most recent coup came at Saturday’s Tea Party Convention and involved nothing more than a few words written on the palm of her hand.  Not since Joe WIlson shouted “You Lie” to the President have so many, been so obsessed, about so few words.  

  In the blogosphere dems chide her for the use of a “cheat sheet” and  Politico notes press secretary Robert Gibbs pokes fun at her by penning on his own hand “thumb” with an arrow pointing to the appropriate digit. For some reason the Lefties just can’t get enough of Palin’s left hand.   

  But in pure Palin style she goes for the winning shot just one day later. Dispite, or perhaps because, of all the hoopla she once again turns to the hand as a post-it note. When she campaigns in Texas for Rick Perry, she wrote “hi mom” for all the media and thus the world to see. I have little regard for liberal media and so would have gone with something more on the lines of “bite me” or “which finger am I holding up now?”.  Whether it’s lipstick, pigs, fishing, guns, or the hand, she comes off as such a breath of political fresh air.

  As a side note, I see the “hand as a whiteboard” phenomenon growing this year.  Maybe not by Mrs. P, but by the movement.  I envision half the Republicans at the next health care bipartisan mixer with quirky sayings and odd pictures sharpied on their palms.  This way they can voice their displeasure in the tradition of Wilson and Justice Samuel Alito without having to move their lips. Our lawmakers can have the word C-Span tattooed on their fingertips, and when those backdoor meetings become too frequent they can raise their arms and start wiggling.  Heck if they want to go into a ling winded diatribe, they can carry their message halfway up to the elbow.  Yes, I know, digressing.   

  I’m not trying to convince anyone she should be the next POTUS. I’m not even sure I’m at that stage yet. She’s got a little to learn, especially in the foreign affairs dept. But she’s learning. She’s got her domestic talking points down pat.  She’s good at what she’s doing, namely pushing the progressive movement. She can generate funds, which our party needs. And if a lib ever knocks a back-handed serve her way she has proven she will lob it right back at ’em, a plus for any politician.  While many have raised the profile of women in the republican/conservative movement (Marsha Blackburn among them)  Sarah Palin has brought it to the next and different level. She’s just good people.

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