Where’s the ball?

Have you seen it lately? I haven’t seen it. You remember the illegal immigration ball don’t you? It was big for a while, then somehow the air just went out of it. Well, I think we need to find that ball again because that sucking sound coming from this country is the sound of our employment, health, education, and justice system resources going down the drain. Just lend an ear to California.

This was, for a time, the MAJOR concern for a lot of individuals during the beginning of last presidential election campaign. And I fear while all eyes are turned to the healthcare bill, climate legislation, closing gitmo, DADT, and a too long list of other issues – it slipped to the backburner again. Oh, it does receive the occassional mention. The recent wrangling over the hc bill did concern some lawmakers enough that they wanted to make sure no illegal’s were covered. As we have yet to see the final bill we don’t know if this will make it in. But it wouldn’t be a serious healthcare issue to begin with if we were really committed to enforcing the immigration laws we have now – and- remove those here illiegally now. No amnesty – no way. Not negotiating on this one.

I personally did not vote for McAmnesty for prez because of this and believe how we deal with illegal immigration is this country’s defining issue. I do appreciate and am truly grateful for the time and what he went through while defending this country while in the military. But he was defending more than the country, he was suppose to be defending the constitution on which we are based and the laws which guide us. And these together define many ways one can become a legal member of society.

We need to find that ball. We need to blow it up and this time keep our eye on it at all times until the final whistle blows. Not sure, but I think the first quarter will be played in Arizona.

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