Thumbs up to Mayor Goodman

This is one time what happenes in Vegas should not stay in Vegas. This should get out.

President O is in Las Vegas to attend a town hall meeting this morning. The prez sent an invitiation to LV Mayor Oscar Goodman to attend his puff party. Mayor Goodman refused. He told ktnv-tv he had more important things to do and is obviously still miffed that O not once but twice used casino central as an example of where people should NOT go when they’re trying to save money. LV of course relies on the tourist trade heavily and honestly didn’t need the commander in chief to encourage people to stay away. Maybe the mayor didn’t want Obama to bow down to him. O does that – a lot.

I’m reminded of the movie “the Right Stuff”. Lyndon Johnson’s character wants to go in John Glenn’s home and meet with Glenn’s wife ( who stutters) , bringing with him a film crew. But the wife says no. Who would dare rebuff a political bigwig? Glenn backs her up on this and so Johnson is rebuffed.

Mayor Goodman says he’s just looking for an apology, something he has not received up to this point. Now, that apology could come in the next few hours and the mayor could show up. However it should come as a warning to O that, Nobel or not , bigwig or not, he too can be rebuffed and if he continues to say and do stupid stuff his RSVP’s will not be returned.

(In trying to ascertain what side of the fence the mayor leans, it appears he may be a former dem turned indy. Not sure how he is on other issues for LV, only constituents in Vegas can say, but I think he’s right on this message. )

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