Texas and Tea Parties and Bellwethers

Big day in Tx. Big day. A primary for a Governor’s race. But its just a primary, its not the BIG election, right?

Then again, maybe it is.

The way I see it, it becomes a sort of bellwether for tea partiers across the nation. Rick Perry was endorsed by tea partiers. Debra Medina is a tea party activist and has garnered support from other activists. And Kay Baily Hutchison has Dick Armey on her side. Armey and his Pac are also followed by the partiers. Every state has several tea party groups so splits are inevitable when there are several conservative candidates. But Texas is big with several candidates and truly blessed with lots of partiers.

Now, the partiers have helped to move things along for Rubio in FL and the Scott Brown win is not something to be trifled with. There’s been other big wins, and some smaller wins in hometown races , and even near wins as in the NY-23 case. (Scozzafava is such a disgrace) So as a force, the partiers can make or break an election.

But back to Texas, where all these Texas party endorsements could cause a runoff. We’ll know tonight. If there is one, Lone Star partiers please do a little gut checking and try to band together to overwhelmingly back a winner in that runoff. Not just a win but a huge win to solidify the tea party’s effect going forward and reminding Washington we are a force, not astroturf.

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