Some lawmakers push to repeal NAFTA

I haven’t heard a lot about this but I’m passing it on since we don’t seem to use the word NAFTA as much as we should. The legislation was announced yesterday (thur) . From Reuters. Here are several snips.

“The bill spearheaded by Rep. Gene Taylor, a Mississippi Democrat, would require President Barack Obama to give Mexico and Canada six months notice that the United States will no longer be part of the 16-year-old trade pact.”

“You’ll see the American people rally behind this, in my humble opinion,” said Rep. Walter Jones, a North Carolina Republican who is one of about 28 co-sponsors of the bill.

“The repeal proposal comes as Obama says he wants to resolve problems blocking congressional approval of long-delayed trade deals with South Korea, Panama and Colombia.”

“Business groups like the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce strongly support NAFTA, which they say has spurred U.S. economic growth by tearing down trade barriers between the three countries.”

( Not sure I can take too much more of the growth they’re spurring)

At this time it is merely distracting from healthcare, but it could gain steam this summer or fall. Lawmakers can request a vote on NAFTA every five years. Last time, 86 House members voted to pull out. For those interested here’s the full link from the story.


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