Obama promises immigration outline by 3.21.10

Because things are slow on the hill right now, Obama decided lawmakers should take on the little matter of immigration.

The Omeister met today (Thur) with several immigration advocay groups and vowed he was “committed to helping to produce a framework for bipartisan immigration reform legislation by March 21.” This according to an article on Rollcall.com.

There’s that word bipartisan again. That’s a tough nut to crack.

Mind you he never promised a bill would be signed only the framework would be completed by then. But that’s the starting point isn’t it? And that’s where you should leave out all the non-starter stuff. Like, amnesty for instance.

Honestly he had to throw the advocay groups something. He already got an earful from members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus today, which expressed their displeasure over the healthcare bill which prohibits illegals from buying into the insurance “enchanges”.

Problem is, he promised so much to so many. Fixing global temperature fluctuations, creating gobs of jobs, healthcare for everybody, manhandling our car companies, strong arming our money houses, I guess his promise to ensure happiness for all immigrants just fell a little behind. So now he’s promised to take up the fight for real.

And while he wants both sides to come together for a kumbaya moment, he will soon find this is another bipartisan ship that just won’t float. Rep Steve King (R-Iowa) is already putting out a warning on the A-word…
“Americans have rejected amnesty in 2006 and 2007, and they will reject it again if the Obama administration tries to force it upon them. It is wrong to reward immigration lawbreakers,”

Thanks and well said Representative King.


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