The Worst Soap Opera Ever

See, I’m probably like you. Been following this monstrosity since the beginning of the new administration. Saw a few articles here and there about healthcare and a few changes. Then it happened. The plotline was so big you had to follow every day or you’d miss something. You can name the characters in your sleep and you can quote its history. You know the actors who expired, right on the set (Kennedy). New actors brought in (Brown). Those who quit (Massa) and those who moved to the other network (Griffith).

You’ve got to tune in for the latest buzzword, catchphrase, promise or threat. Reconciliation, Slaughter Rule, Whip Count, Deem and Pass, CBO, Parliamentarian, tea party, coffee party, nuns and student loans.

You become so obsessed, that you’re afraid to leave the house at 9:30 because you might miss the BIG announcement a lawmaker will make at 10:00. And you have to hit your favorite blogsites within 30 seconds of your morning bathroom visit or your day won’t start right. You have to catch today’s episode.

Seeing your kids off at the bus is a teachable moment. “Here’s your lunch honey, and tell your teacher there’s still 12 sticking with Stupack”. “O.K. mom. And good luck getting that blue dog today!”

Its worse than who shot JR. You can’t write this stuff as a script and make it believable.

Disclaimer: I don’t watch soaps. Who needs to.

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