Get your State Lawmakers Involved Today; Its Their Fight Too.

The people we voted into Washington are not listening. Their taking the phones off the hooks. Leave messages all you want but they’re not bothering to listen to them. So we’ve got to outflank them. Before you head out to tomorrow’s DC’s rally, take time today to ship an email or phone your state capital.

If your frustrated of not getting through, call your state legislators and governors. They might be able to get through the faxes and phones where we can’t anymore. They need to be as vocal as we are. We elected them just like the ones in DC and its time they earned their pay.

I realize some states have enacted bills which express their displeasure over the healthcare individual mandates, which should have given Washington a clue as to how to vote. But many admit its merely a symbolic gesture. Some states are threatening lawsuits. But there are still states and individual state lawmakers who are holding back because they want don’t want to get in the middle of this. But this is where we need them. They don’t have to pass anymore symbolic bills but they know back door numbers and have fancy letterhead and nice email addresses which can make its way through the clutter. We’re outraged and we need their help.

Calling your state people willl serve several purposes.

a) It reminds them they were voted in office by the people and the people are asking for more than just a gesture.

b) It shows we care enough about the process and know enough about what’s going on to voice our concern.

c) It might give them a little pause next time they vote on a state issue. They’ll question if its something their constituents really approve of.

d) It will show them, if they don’t already know, how the votes are going to fall this November.

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