Vote NO or GO

Your big day has arrived Congressperson. Hope you slept well, because I didn’t. I worried that you might not have gotten my message. So I’m sending it again one last time.

Vote no. Or go.

Go to Cuba, go to China, heck you can go to North Korea. I don’t care. But if you don’t vote no today you do not belong here because you don’t understand what this country is all about.

And make no mistake it has to be a NO. Not I pass, not I’m present, not I’m thinking about it. Just I vote NO.

And another thing. Pelosi is not your friend. I don’t care what she’s promised you. She is not your friend and she doesn’t represent me. That’s suppose to be your job. My words should carry more weight than hers.

In the past you may have voted with a few things I didn’t like. But I let you get away with them. I was keeping track to see how often we split, but those were minor issues compared to what’s going to happen today. Its too big, its too expensive, its unconstitutional, and its not popular with most of us in this country. So if you vote yes, this country is not where you need to live out the rest of your days.

Simply put, vote no or go.

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