A Little Hype Here Please – Special FL-19 Election Next Month

We’re less than a month away from Florida’s Special Election to fill the FL-19 seat of Robert Wexler. (Wexler left in October). The election is April 13th. Edward Lynch is the republican candidate and has support from Tea party groups as well as some other orgs.

FL-19 has 2-1 voter registration in favor of dems. BUT- its got a lot of seniors, and they were largely against Obamacare.

People and polls have largely ignored this race. There’s just not a lot about it. When it comes ot Florida everyone’s talking about Rubio and this race got on the backburner. Don’t know if it can be pulled out. Perhaps we should ask Scott Brown what can be done in one month.

I don’t know the intracacies of the district or the strength of his opponent. I would ask that someone more knowledgable in those areas give us that information and maybe write up a bigger story . I know he was at Cpac and I believe there was a video clip at the time here.

If this district can be saved, now is the time. There are boots down here in the south that can make the skip to Florida if need be.

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