Obama gets Props on Healthcare….From Castro!!

Now there’s a ringing endorsement if I ever heard one. Fidel Castro is calling passage of the health care bill a “miracle” and called it an important success of Obama’s government. I guess its good to know someone has Obama’s back.

This ad practically writes itself doesn’t it? I can almost see Castro’s words on one side of a split screen, with the other side featuring a picture of, well any one of our lawmakers who voted for the bill. Stupak, Pelosi, Reid. Take your pick there are hundreds to choose form.

There’s a lot more to this story than just what a great ad it will make. Remember Cuba has had this type healthcare for years. Not surprisingly its costing them too much.

Any sane person in America would be ashamed if Castro praised them of something. But not our dems. No they’re out there on the trail right now selling their great achievement. They don’t even stop to think, “hey if Castro likes it, maybe its NOT such a good thing.”

Here’s a small bit from the Heritage Foundation. Ap has the full story.


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