Enough Distractions! We need 2 of these 4 seats! PA, HI, NY, FL

Four, count them, four House seats previously held by democrats are coming up for election soon. As in, before November. Now, as activists we can spend the next few months opining on every detour thrown in our path or we can begin helping to elect people who can make a a change.

Lets start with Pennsylvania. The late Democratic Rep. John Murtha held this seat for over 40 years! This special election is in May.
From today’s LA Times:

“Two recent polls show Democrat Mark Critz with a narrow lead over Republican Tim Burns in the May 18 election. But in a worrisome sign for Critz and his party as a whole, independents appear to be breaking toward Burns in large numbers.”

Good news for us huh? We may have a shot at this one.

Moving to New York. Remember Rep. Eric Massa? They have not yet announced a date for this special election but it will be coming up before November. This can be picked up if we focus on it and put some energy behind a candidate. Now’s the time to research.

On to Hawaii. You know what this state means to the President. This election is also in May. From the LA Times story.

“Hawaii traditionally tilts toward the Democrats. But the two Democrats in the May 22 election, former U.S. Rep. Ed Case and state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, could split the vote, handing the seat to Republican Charles Djou. “

The hardest maybe to get will be the one coming up April 13th. Florida – 19. Ed Lynch (R) taking on Ted Deutsch (D) . He’s considered a longshot because the district leans so far left. But he’s made some inroads with the large Jewish as well as elderly populations in the district. Lynch has a write-up on Breitbart’s Big Government .

I’m not so naive to believe we can pick up all four. But if we stop meandering onto all these little side isuues that the dems want to draw attention to, (like violence against lawmakers,) then we can educate ourselves about the soonest elections and the candidates running in them. And it should be noted these aren’t full term seats. These elections are to put people in to fill unexpired terms. But they will help send a message if we can rally around them.

We need to prove the health care vote made people mad. We do it by voting people out or not letting dems get back in. We need to pick up some of these. Pick your favs and get active.



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