Lt Gov calls for Constitutional Convention. Says lawsuits & Repeal won’t work.

Andre Bauer is the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina. Yesterday he sent a letter to the General Assembly of that fine state asking for his lawmakers to support a resolution callilng for constitutional convention. In his letter, he explains why he feels repeal won’t work (Veto) and lawsuits {he is told) will not be successful. I have taken some pertinant graphs from the letter for your enjoyment.


While there are other steps being considered, I am not certain that any of them can be successful. Planned lawsuits, I am informed by legal experts, will not likely be successful. Repeal efforts, while noble, would most certainly be vetoed by the President, and upheld by his congressional majority. State legislative “nullification” actions will almost certainly be overturned by the courts.

As I have carefully researched this matter to find a solution, I have found but one sure-fire way to overturn the new socialized medicine law: a constitutional convention, called for by the states, as provided for in Article Five of the United States Constitution.

I am asking you to support a legislative resolution calling for a constitutional convention, hopefully by joining as a sponsor of the resolution which, at my request, is already being prepared by Senators Campbell and Cleary in the Senate, and Representatives Frye and Scott in the House.

If we in South Carolina, along with 33 other state legislatures, pass a resolution calling for a national constitutional convention, we will be able to make amendment to the constitution to reverse the dangerous action taken by Obama and Congress, which will then need to be ratified by 38 state legislatures.

While this action is bold, it is nonetheless an actual, workable solution. (As you may recall, this is the same action that Senator McConnell, probably our state’s foremost legislative authority, suggested to help solve the illegal immigration stalemate.)


Ok. You can dind his full letter here http://andrebauer.com/

Now, I know earlier I had posted a diary about medical professionals who are filing suit. Then read this and felt compelled to pass it on because this is something WE CAN RALLY behind. It will be very hard but it is doable.

I know repeal is the big word of the day. But Bauer’s reasoning is logical. I don’t think we should give up on lawsuits, or repeal attempts, rather view this as a call to action to contact our legislators. Bauer’s on the phone calling other states now. Shouldn’t we be trying to reach our people as well?

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