Finally!! Taking notice of the special elections. (unfortunately it’s the other side)

While our rallying cry of “You’re outa here come November” has the left quaking in their flip flops, a few concerned bloggers here have attempted to beat the drum to generate interest in several elections coming up quite soon. The theory being why wait till November , lets start throwing the bums out now.

Most times it felt as if our messages were answered by the sounds of crickets. Now, someone’s paying attention. The left.

In New York, D-Eric Messa left the seat least month. One republican is running, and he’s urging that a date be set for the special election. And he has a good shot at this one because this district has a republican voter edge over the dems. And everyone knew the republicans had a great shot at picking this up including the Governor. But recently Governor Patterson announced he probably won’t even call a special election, letting the seat remain vacant.


Lack o’ money was the stated reason. Riiiigghhtt. Its one way to ensure voters voices aren’t heard and a republican won’t get seated. Just don’t let them vote.

Sailing to Hawaii, there’s a May22nd odd special election. Odd because its mail in ballot only and special because the winner gets to fill the remainder of D- Neil Abercromby’s seat. There are 2 dems running and one republican. From Politico we discover the dems are now very worried their two candidates will split the vote. And you know what that means….

“Djou (R) has a real chance of winning because it only takes a plurality of the votes,” said Kam Kuwata, a longtime Democratic strategist and a veteran of Hawaii campaigns. “You will have all the talking heads on Fox News saying, ‘A blow to President Obama in his home state,’ and you’ll have [House Minority Leader] John Boehner saying, ‘The people have spoken again.’”

So now the DCCC is sending an “operative” to help with one of their candidates. Truly! They are starting to pay attention.


Well at least the Hawaiians get to speak, that’s better than the NY voters, unless Patterson changes his mind. Oh well, on to Pennsylvania and the May election to fill D-John Murtha’s comfy seat. From the same Politico story….

“One Democratic operative following the race, noting that public polling shows Critz with a narrow lead over Republican businessman Tim Burns in a district with a significant Democratic voter registration advantage, was blunter in his assessment: “It’s easy to make an argument that he’s part of the problem. He was a Hill staffer, he asked for questionable earmarks. There’s a lot to beat him up on.”

And the dems must have really taken notice here because not only is the DCCC sending people to help with this race, VP Biden will do some drum banging, too.

I hope our side notices soon because the left is working now and not waiting till the last minute. And in Florida-19 we are at the last minute…

Early voting began yesterday. Election day is a week from now. R Ed Lynch and D Ted Deutsh are jockeying to get D-Robert Wexler seat. Its not like this was a big secret, but where were the big cries for “money bombs” and front page splashy articles. Right now the two are in a bit of disagreement over who likes Israel the best. Lynch came out swinging on this issue a couple weeks ago. Deutch has now taken notice and is making the rounds with his response.

It should be noted I have never met any of the republican/conservative candidates in these races. I don’t have the same connect with them as I do with my state candidates. So why care who wins these? Because if we don’t win some of these now we’ll lose our momentum and credibility about picking up tough dem seats in November.

Its not brain surgery. Its simply taking back our government.

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