Hey, Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone!

Let’s travel back in time to Wednesday, May 5th, in California. Cinco de Mayo. Five students went to school wearing t-shirts sporting -(oh the horror) – The American Flag. As in “I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of … You know the rest.
Anyway… the Assistant Principal hauled the five students into the principal’s office where they were told to turn their T-shirts inside out or be sent home. Did I mention the Assistant Principal’s name was Miguel Rodriguez. Seems he didn’t want any fights to break out at school during the celebraiton of this Mexican holiday. How thoughtful.
And then the next day a couple hundred Hispanics students skipped class and marched to the district headquarters in protest .
Now, the principal has apologized for telling the students they couldn’t wear their flag shirts. Little late now, bud.
Consider this an open thread to rave on patriotism, rant on educational indoctrination or review Pink Floyd. (Although the mods might not take too kindly on the latter.)


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