The Poster Child for Arizona’s Immigration Law

His name is Jose Lopez Madrigal. An illegal who is accused of raping a woman in Edmonds Washington a week ago. An accusation of rape does not make one a poster child for Arizona’s law. Being DEPORTED NINE TIMES does.
A witness to the alleged rape called police who quickly arrested Madrigal, but figuring out who he was took a while, as the guy had roughly 30 aliases. In fact it was initally reported he had only been deported four times but now it comes out he’s been kicked out nine times.
Couple of things here. One, at the bottom of the diary is a link to king5.com’s story on this mess which will give you all the details of everything Madrigal has done in the past including drugs and thefts in California and another sexual assault in Denver.
And second, Edmonds Washington is near Seattle, about 17 miles. On May 17th, the Seattle City Council voted seven to zip to denounce Arizona’s Immigration law, urged city departments not to send city employees to AZ, and for good measure decided not to enter into any new contracts with AZ.

Washington, you are the latest in several states to be visited Madrigal. He’s hit you, California, and Colorado. That we know about.

What’d ya say people. How’s that amnesty looking right about now? C’mon for just a few years, let’s try the kick ’em out and keep ’em out approach.

On a side note… The Tennessee House today voted 67-25 to pass a resolution COMMENDING Arizona on its new law. Yeah! It heads to the state Senate now and I hope they do the right thing.


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