Amnesty, Now in Easy-to-Chew Bite Size Pieces

Many legislators believe, and rightly so, that American’s won’t swallow full “comprehensive” immigration reform. Right now that is. So to make it a little more palatable, look for little bites of legislation dipped in bi-partisan support to start moving through in the next few weeks, according to TheHill’s Alexander Bolton.

One morsel being pushed is the Ag-Jobs bill. It’s got the word “jobs’ in it, so it has to be good, right? But it’s not about citizens already here legally begging for jobs…it’s about ” illegal farm workers and agricultural guest workers to obtain temporary immigration status with the possibility of becoming permanent residents.” The expectation is it will attract the support of lawmakers who come from the farming states. Of course, if that goes through whose to stop a Hotel-Jobs bill or Construction-Job bill from making its way down the lagislative conveyor belt.

Another tasty piece is the Dream Act, sponsored by Indiana Republican Senator Dick Lugar and Illinois’ Dick Durbin (D). This one plays the kiddy card. It “would put illegal immigrants who came to the country at a young age on the path to legal permanent residence.” I’m not sure the reasoning behind this unless we’re to feel sorry for children because they had no say so in crossing illegally and just followed their parents across the line.

Pro immigration groups are still holding out for the total package to include amnesty for all, but will push for these in the meantime. They are also working right now to continue drumming up even more republican support.

And if you’re still not full, consider Arizona’s law which is primarily about border protection. Which is good and its what needs to be in place, everywhere. But its designed only for protection. However, too many Republicans are using it as a fall back position to say we won’t talk about immigration ‘until’ we deal with the border issue. Even AZ Gov Jan Brewer is tilting. She spoke to reporters after meeting with the president recently whose seeking support on comprhensive reform. From the LAtimes…
“I want the border secured first,” she said. She noted that after the last immigration rewrite in 1996, “Amnesty was bestowed upon people but we never secured the borders.” Notice the word ‘first’.

Enough, take it way already. We didn’t order this crap. We don’t want a full course of immigration reform and we don’t want little bite size hors d’oeuvers. So quit trying to shove it down our throat.



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