Change the “O” in golf to “U”. That’s your priority Mr. President

This Father’s Day is a good day for reflection. A time to give thanks to the men in our lives who were there to help us grow and see us through difficult times. They provided a shoulder to cry on and strength to get you through whatever problem came along. Guiding with values as much as words and when punishment was necessary it was meted out fairly. It’s true of individual fathers across this great nation but more importantly of our Founding Fathers. And then there’s Obama.

He hasn’t helped this nation grow, he has not seen us through a single difficult time and when it comes to punishing a country, business, or aide, there’s nothing fair or logical to his reasoning. We want to see strength in our nation’s leader. Conviction and character. Someone who is completely engaged and in tune with what’s going on. And the only thing Mr. President you seem to be engaged in is a round of golf.

Nero may have fiddled while Rome burned, but our Gulf is burning and you’re at hitting the links, or the basketball court, or a baseball game. Playing the fiddle is about the only recreational detour we haven’t seen you take. For all the criticism being lobbed at BP CEO Tony Hayworth for his mistimed yacht outing, it should be noted it was the first time he’s had off since this began. I don’t think you caused this mess but while the unemployment rolls swell on the coastlines due to this mess it would help if we didn’t see you having a lot of fun and singing take me out to the ballgame. As the spill grows it’s not just the oil industry but fishing and tourism which are devastated as well. And it trickles to restaurants, hotels, construction, and everything else.

There are fathers in Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama who aren’t having a great fun-filled Father’s Day. Perhaps you could pretend to have empathy for their plight. Could you put the putter down for a short while? Can we take The “O” out of golf, and replace it with “U”. That’s where your priorities should lie.

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