Official: DOJ today sues Arizona over SB1070

Notice there’s no mention of ‘urgent’ or ‘breaking’ or even ‘shocking’ in the diary title. Mainly because everyone knew it was coming, its just now we get to see the complaint. For those not wanting to wade through a sea of my snark I direct you to the following address to view a 25 page pdf file which thehill.com has posted, allowing you to read the entire complaint at your leisure.


There is soooo much in here which I hope one of our front page people, or perhaps you dear reader, will go through and mine for gems. Here’s a couple of my fav’s..

Bottom of page two, top of page three…

“If allowed to go into effect,S.B. 1070’s mandatory enforcement scheme will conflict with and undermine the federal government’s careful balance of immigration enforcement priorities and objectives.”


Careful balance?? What! Just enforce the federal laws on our books and there’s no balancing act. Twits…


Pg 6 section 19

“Assuring effective enforcement of the provisions against illegal migration and unlawful presence is a highly important interest, but it is not the singular goal of the federal immigration laws. The laws also take into account other uniquely national interests, including facilitating trade and commerce; “

Yes, we can see how ILLEGAL migration is not at your top priority. Had it been many of the problems facing our country today would be considerably smaller.

I have only perused, and will read more later , but I hope you find something in the papers to make you either pull your hair out or make you laugh.


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