Bachmann files for a Tea Party Caucus

Some caucuses have enough clout to really do some good. Lets hope Bachmann’s will. From the Star-Tribune we get that the paperwork was filed yesterday to form a “House Tea Party Caucus ” and its job will be:

“to promote Americans’ call for fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, and limited government.” She says this new caucus will “present Democrats with a new counterforce.”

Ok, let’s be honest. How effectual can this caucus become? Obviously it would depend on the number of members. I could see DeMint, maybe a couple of others getting on board. Scott Brown? Doubt it. But its gonna take guts. A lot of candidates call themselves conservative. But how many after they get in, would agree to have the tea party label? Maybe this is a sort of litmus test for some of our candidates running now? Would you be willing to proudly call yourself a member of the Tea Party Caucus? If no, why not?

So, is this grandstanding or this going to be a really good tool for us in the upcoming sessions? Can this be as effective as say the Congressional Black Caucus or will it be more like the Congressional Furnishings Caucus which was utilized during the 108th Congress. I’m not sure what the latter was suppose to do, and that’s why I’m asking these questions.

Will this caucus be a major player when it comes to legislation?



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