California v Arizona

It reads better like this: What does California have that Arizona doesn’t? Or maybe,
California v Arizona v States Rights.

California turned up its nose several years ago against drug enforcement laws. Specifically, the use of medical marijuana. But several other states have their own laws, which involve decriminalizing the use of non-medical pot. Over the years its become acceptable. Personal consumption might range from no problem here, to a citation like a traffic ticket over there. And on Tuesday, the Oakland City Council authorized a plan to allow four “large scale ” marijuana factories to start up. Its “in your face” against the DEA. Never mind the DARE programs and all that. But its ok I guess because its California and they’re one of “those” states. For California and the others bending the drug laws its all about money.

Now Stop Right Here. This is not about marijuana. Medical or non-medical. This is about this administration saying things like the federal government is in charge of certain types of laws; and, we can’t have a patchwork of laws in each of the fifty states. The administration was talking specifically about the Arizona law regarding illegal immigration and why they are choosing to fight it.

For Arizona, its the same as California. Its about the money and – the loss of lives. The state is spending money it can’t afford on education, healthcare, law enforcement, and other areas to deal with illegals. California had a problem. Too much dope. Tough to enforce. Can’t get rid of it, might as well tax it. That was California’s solution to a federal problem. Arizona has a problem too. Too many illegals. And the way they choose to deal with it is enforce the laws on the federal books. Both states have dealt with federal jurisdictional issues in their own way at their own level with the resources they have.

We have drug laws and we have immigration laws. As administrations chose not to uphold either one this patchwork quilt will continue to be sewn.

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