Tennesseans! Gather ’round the table.

We’ve got a week through next Saturday for early voting. Lots of races so lets throw out some info and see what the mood is. How ’bout Gov? I’m wanting to go with Ron Ramsey, although I know Zach Wamp has some followers out there. Not a fan of Haslam unless someone can give me a real good reason why I should stick out my neck for this guy. A story in the Tennessean today says Haslam’s leading by double digits. (Hope their poll is way off.)

Dem Jim Cooper’s District (4th Cong).The fact that Cooper has to go is a no brainer. He only voted against hc because his vote was not needed. Often the high ticket candidates will forget the more rural/less populated counties. This district stretches from the Alabama to the Kentucky borders. I’m liking where Scott Dejarlais stands on the issues I also appreciate the fact he’s willing to get out and campaign in these areas. But if you got a better candidate, speak up.

All districts and races welcome! Toss them in here. A fast check on the net kind of separates the mods from the conservatives but in some races there are several “true” conservatives running so the water gets murky. The usual tell tale buzzwords like pro-gun rights, anti-abortion, no longer help as even the dems support those. The good news early voting numbers are said to be up, hopefully a plus for us. If we don’t get it right in the primaries, we’ll be forced to hold our noses come November.

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