All eyes on Arizona today

Tomorrow, citizens in Arizona could wake up to a brand new law helping them regain control of their state. At midnight tonight, SB 1070 is set to take effect…unless Judge Susan Bolton grants an injunction stopping the whole thing in its tracks. Which could happen today. So today is a very exciting day for those of us who have the illegal immigration at, or near, the top of our issues list. If you skim the net you’ll see stories where activists and law enforcement are already gearing up today for an expected ruling.
Whether she allows the law go through unscathed, guts part of it, or puts a stop to the whole thing expect yelling, kicking and screaming, from sea to shining sea. (As well as the good possibility of more legal action depending on today’s outcome.)
So grab the popcorn. Sit back in your favorite easy chair and watch the events unfold. Should prove to be a very interesting day.

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