We need a win for Dr. Dan today.

Every few weeks we get a Cinderella story and today it unfolds in Michigan, one of three states holding primaries. I’m not going to get into the Kansas or Missouri races but in Michigan Dr. Dan Benishek is on the ballot to take the place of Bart Stupak. This is one candidate who really deserves a seat in Washington. He’s genuine and a true conservative.

He’s not alone on the ballot. Six other Republicans are hoping to win this primary, so its a bit of a fight. Dr. Dan got thrust in the limelight the day Stupak fell from grace. He was actually in the race before Stupak announced his retirement so this isn’t about opportunity. He’s lived in the district and didn’t have to move into it to get on the ballot.

When he first started, there wasn’t even a website for him. Just a facebook page. Now he’s got a website, lots of volunteers and hopefully the backing of the majority of voters in his district. Good luck today Dr. Dan. Help us take back Washington.

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