Of Benishek/Allen, “Swollen” Ballots, and Sunday

Petrokey News has the latest on the MI-01 race and gives us an insight into what’s to come. For those interested in the race, you’ll enjoy the whole story and where Allen’s mindset is. All info regarding money. The link’s at the bottom.

Here’s a nice line from Allen: “My priorities right now are to the more than 27,000 people who voted for me in this primary.”

I would interject that Benishek’s priorities are with HIS more than 27k people. But, I digress. BTW, An Allen spokesman said a decision as to whether or not he’ll ask for a recount will “likely” come Sunday night.

Now, the swolen ballot thing. Apparently there’s a lot of humidity in MI right now and that caused ballots to gum up the machines so to speak. And then there’s this bit:

“In Oscoda County, Greenwood Township’s votes had to be “thrown out” because the ballots were stored in a canvasser’s bag, said Jeri Winton, Oscoda County clerk. Because they were stored improperly, if there is a recount these votes could not be included. Greenwood Township, totaled 74 votes for Allen and 43 for Benishek, meaning both candidates would have to make up for these votes in others areas in any recount.”

(I want that guy from Florida. You know the one, with the magnifying glass straining to understand the meaning behind the hanging chad. )

On the other side of the tracks…. Dem nominee Gary McDowell is out running his race and campaigning.


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