Cook’s bumps up Republican expectations. 10 more districts creep our way.

Cook political report now projects republicans can pick up between 35 to 45 seats, three higher than the last time it came out with a forecast. And it probably had something to do with some of the individual district changes that were made, with a number of those shifts moving into the toss up catagory. 10 districts that were likely or lean Dem have moved over to the lean dem or toss up catagories. It boils down to either we’re doing a lot right or the other side is doing a lot wrong.

I must confess to getting lightheaded when I noticed TN-04 getting the shift from Likely D to Lean D. TN 04 is currently held by blue dog Dem Lincoln Davis. His republican opponent is Dr. Scott DesJarlais – a no nonsense, no amnesty, repeal o care, pro term limit, conservative. Cook’s moving this district to a lean D, is welcome news. DesJarlais does not have Davis’ war chest nor the name recognition but hopefully he will overcome those obstacles and pull it out for us come November.

Here’s the other districts which have made a shift and note the biggest move came from GA 08, going from a likely D to a toss up. Here’s hoping you find something to get lightheaded about as well.

CA-47 Loretta Sanchez Likely D to Lean D
FL-02 Allen Boyd Lean D to Toss Up
GA-08 Jim Marshall Likely D to Toss Up
IA-03 Leonard Boswell Lean D to Toss Up
IL-11 Debbie Halvorson Lean D to Toss Up
OH-16 John Boccieri Lean D to Toss Up
PA-08 Patrick Murphy Lean D to Toss Up
PA-10 Chris Carney Likely D to Lean D
SD-AL Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Lean D to Toss Up


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