One more reason to aid DesJarlais in the fight against Davis in TN-04

For those watching this race closely, you’ve already seen what’s on the scoreboard. R-candidate Scott DesJarlais released an internal poll showing him and D-Lincoln Davis tied at 42 percent. They had to show the internals because no one else wants to poll this race. ( Much like the Miller/Murky race and the Djou/Hanabusa battle there are some races pollsters just don’t want go to. But I digress )

You are also keenly aware of the attack ads Davis is running based on a past wife’s false claims. The Chattanooga Times Free Press already has already pointed out the same ex wife was the one found in contempt and the judge found no fault with the good Dr. D. But not everybody in this sprawling district gets the Chat TFP. So undecided voters may be left with Davis’ lies being the last thing they hear. Unless we help him now.

And I’m confident you already know the NRC recently bestowed on the good doctor full “Young Gun” status and Nate Silver at fivethirty eight.com gives Desjarlais a 57.8 percent chance of a win over Davis’ 42.2. They actually rate the district as lean-R.

So, lets see –a total unknown conservative, who has had smears and lies tossed at him by an entrenched opponent still manages to keep his head above water. TN-04 voters know Davis’ record and know why he has to go. But if you need one more reason its this:

The Tennessean endorsed him yesterday. When the shock of discovering the Tennrag endorsed yet another lefty politician, please consider a gift to the good doctor.





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