DesJarlais has taken a +5 lead over Lincoln Davis in TN 04 says NRO

From NRO, Jim Geraghty finally gives up the good news! He had hinted earlier a house dem who everybody thought was SAFE is not so much anymore. Turns out he was talking about Lincoln Davis. Early voting has started and its looking good for his R-opponent Dr. DesJarlais. Here’s the juicy meat:

“Scott DesJarlais has taken the lead over Congressman Lincoln Davis. After pulling even two weeks ago, DesJarlais has surged ahead to take a five-point lead (now: 45% DesJarlais – 40% Davis / Sept 27-28: 42% – 42%). For the third consecutive survey, Davis’ ballot support has dropped (from 45% in August to 42% in September to 40% now).”

And the buttery potatoes:

“Moreover, DesJarlais has a commanding 21-point lead over Davis (55% – 34%) among voters who rate their interest level as “high” (8-10 on a one-to-ten scale)”

There’s been a lot of focus on TN’s open districts and money pouring into those, so the help Dr. DesJarlais got was from right here at home. Remember, these numbers come after Davis has been running those stupid ads claiming the good doctor threatend an exwife. Plus made sure all the left wing web sources would spread it.


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