Denver ordinance addressess the pressing need for Extraterrestrial Awareness. Voters asked to fund an ET commission.

If the Buck v Bennett race isn’t enough to get voters’ blood pumping in Denver, how about Ordinance 300? A h/t to Jonah Goldberg at NRO’s The Corner for pointing out this beauty. An ordinance creating the Extraterrestrial Affair Commission. Obviously this is some kind of joke, to humor voters after a very trying election cycle, right? Um, no. Checking the Denver Election Division I site, you’ll find a sample ballot and at the very bottom on the right hand side is this:

“Shall the voters for the City and County of Denver adopt an Initiated Ordinance to require the creation of an extraterrestrial affairs commission to help ensure the health, safety, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors in relation to potential encounters or interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles, and fund such commission from grants, gifts and donations?”

Notice that last part about funding and gifting and stuff? I’m not sure how big a problem aliens are in Denver (the outer space kind not the illegals crossing boarder kind) but do the citizens really need to fork over tax money because Colorado might someday be visited by Klingons in a Bird of Prey? Can a commission effectively plan against a Borg attack? Maybe the group is suppose to put together welcome bags? Kind of like a Chamber of Commerce for a haphazard Dr. Who or band of Wookies who might find themselves stuck here.

Somebody, somewhere in Denver obviously feels there is going to be an issue whenever the aliens grace us with their presence and he/she is taking the Barney Fife approach and hopes to nip it in the bud right now. This is big government run amok, and getting muckier by the day.


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