Hey Behar, keep insulting our candidates–your fundraising efforts for us are really paying off!

I’ve never watched The View, but from all I’ve read its pretty liberal. That’s why I don’t waste my time. But yesterday I took an interest because on Hotair they highlighted a clip of where a host, Joy Behar, called Sharron Angle –the B word, and shortly thereafter said Angle was going “to hell”.

I watched the full clip and was immediately reminded why I don’t watch the silly show. Yelling and screaming and insults. I was livid about what she had said about Angle.

But apparently Angle wasn’t.

Now Hotair tells us that today Angle sent Behar a bouquet of flowers with a thank you note explaining how $150,000 was donated online to the Angle campaign yesterday. O.K. Maybe I overreacted. Maybe this woman Behar is good for something and not just an oxygen sucker. But even after that nice gesture, Behar said “those flowers were picked by illegal immigrants and they aren’t voting for you b**ch!”.

Please Behar, keep insulting Angle. Got anything else besides the B bomb? And call Christine O’Donnell something too. We’re in a fundraising mood right now.



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