Harvard & San Diego scientists find the “Liberal Gene”. (True! So we can fix them, right? )

This explains so much. We thought liberalism was a disease turns out its a variant of a gene. ____________
“The study was led by UCSD’s James Fowler and focused on 2,000 subjects from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. Scientists matched the subjects’ genetic information with “maps” of their social networks. According to researchers, they determined that people “with a specific variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to be liberal as adults.” However, the, subjects were only more likely to have leanings to the left if they were also socially active during adolescence.”

The DRD4 is a dopamine receptor gene. Armchair scientists should have fun with that one. And here’s a little something extra they discovered: ” The researchers also said their findings held true no matter what the ethnicity, culture, sex or age of the subjects were.”

Now that we know what causes this abhoration , and I think we can all agree liberalism is an abhoration, we can fix it. Drugs maybe, some gene splicing thing coming down the path, who knows. But first, don’t let your kids be socially active. And if they must play with other kids for heaven’s sake don’t let them play with a lib’s kid. It sort of feeds into their lib makeup or something.

Mutant genes…hmm. Didn’t I see this in Resident Evil?


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