Defunding NPR would have a “detrimental impact on all Americans”

Now there’s a line you just don’t hear everyday. Most likely because its not true. But here’s how it came about…

As you know by now Obama’s fiscal commission put out a framework, if you will, on various things that should be cut or altered in an effort to reduce long term debt. Currently the dems are pretty much dismissing the proposal while the gop finds some agreement in certain parts. Here’s a bit which looks promising ..it suggests defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting gets fed funds, which it in turn doles out to National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting television Stations. These “public” media entities also, as you know, solicit funds from individuals, businesses and corporations through grants and endowments.

Conservatives have frequently called for the defunding of the CPB and/or more specifically, NPR and PBS. It appeared as if no one took the request seriously, but now that the idea has been put in writing from a bipartisan commission things have come to a head.

An article from MIchael O’Brien on thehill.com points out just how worried NPR is at the thought of losing a cash cow. NPR apparently issued its “response” to the suggestion that it no longer receive government funds. Part of it reads:

“The National Commission’s proposal to eliminate federal funding for public media would have a profound and detrimental impact on all Americans,” NPR said in response to the proposal.

Really??!! “Profound and detriminal to all Americans?” As unbelievable as it may seem to NPR many people’s lives will go on just fine without our tax dollars going to support “public” media. See, a profound change is one in which someone is losing their house or someone we care about dies. A detriment to one’s life would be something injurous to our health or livelyhood. Losing public media will do none of these things. Any good programming these public media offer can be picked up by private media. There are so many niche channels that any show worth airing would have a home. Or you may consider continueing with the “public” brand and make up the lost federal dollars from increased private donations.

It is long overdue that “public” media stands on its own. Despite what NPR wants to believe, its
(in)ability to do this, will not have a major impact on the majority of Americans. We will survive.

h/t to thehill.com

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