Polls, get your fresh hot polls

Insider Advantage has new polling out for Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.

Romney leads in New Hampshire and Florida with Cain second.  Gingrich is 3rd in Florida and Paul third in N.H.

Cain leads in Iowa and South Carolina with Romney second in both. Gingrich is third in Iowa and Perry third in SC.

The breakdown is at RCP, I won’t list them all here as they are numerous.  If you have a favorite state and are interested in the numerical breakdown the link is at the bottom, but most know where the polls section of RCP is.

The question was pretty basic “If the Republican presidential primary or caucus were held today would you vote for ( and then they name all the candidates.)

Not sure how reflective the polls are,  but Santorum and Huntsman may need to do a little soul searching.




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