What has happened to Fox News and why hire Mark “Argentina” Sanford?

South Carolina former Gov Mark Sanford has been hired on by Fox News. He will be a paid contributor.  Sanford is the one who, you’ll recall, said he was going off hiking the Appalachians.  Instead he merrily skipped off to visit his girlfriend in Argentina.

How could Fox think anyone would be interested in this individual’s opinion, commentary, or insight.  Unless, they go to him in a “…speaking of really bad judgements, what are your thoughts Mark?”,  kind of way.

I gave them props when the hired Juan Williams but cannot understand the reasoning behind this. Are they going to hire Anthony Weiner next to navigate us through the up and coming new technology?   Maybe Helen Thomas might sign on as special commentator on Israel-Palestine tensions.   Those last two should really pump up their fair and balanced cred.

And has anyone else taken note their news slant has been shifting leftward lately.  Not as bad as msnbc but at least leaning as left of center as cnn.

They had a good piece of the pie that worked out very well with ratings and profits. Are they now trying to alienate a sizeable segment of their audience?  Confused.

Dailer caller has a piece up but NY Times originally covered it.


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