Fred Thompson for Vice President ( Cain/Perry people- here’s a chance to come together)

Floating a Trial Balloon:

Everyone here knows Fred Thompson. We don’t need to get into his bonafides. He’s been vetted.

If I read the signs correctly there are those who feel Mr. Cain’s inexperience in politics is a liabiliity. And I’m also getting the impression Gov Perry is  perceived as not being conservative enough for some voters.

There has been suggestion of a Perry/Cain  Cain/Perry ticket among supporters on both sides but Mr. Cain has indicated he’s not open to that.  He might change his mind. Who knows.

So, how about this.

Fred is political wiz. He  knows Washington. He knows foreign policy. He knows how the game is played.   In short he brings the experience to a Cain campaign.

Conversely,  there is no one who would dispute Fred Thompson’s conservative cred.  If the concern over Perry is only about conservative  credentials, then a Fred on this ticket would waylay some fears.  Also as an actor, Fred could get him a good speaking coach.

I could see both sides getting a benefit from this fine statesman.

( I could not see Fred aiding someone like, say, Mr. Huntsman.  He’s good, but not a miracle worker. )

On one side of the coin I’m not sure how Cain’s personality would fit with Fred’s.  Herman’s outgoing and very motivated. Fred’s a tad more laid back.

Other side of coin, Perry has held high office. So has Fred. I don’t know if this would  bond them or create tensions. Also, they’ve got different personalities.

It would pain me to no end to give Fred to the Perry camp. I want him for my candidate.  But if something happens down the road with Mr Cain (it better not)  and Perry gets better but just needs a bit of an  oomph to pull out the primary,  well then you can have my Fred.

Anyway, thoughts?




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