Open Thread (’cause one is needed)

Seeing as how so many threads got hijacked,  thought maybe it would be a good time to open one up.  Here ya go. Land of the feel free to spit it out. Rather than putting the first post in the diary, I’ll put it here. 

 I’ll start off with  SHAME!!! Shame on Newt’s  Tennessee team for a quitting him yesterday and going to Santorum. The Knoxville News Sentinal reported Senator Stacey Campfield has jumped and taken a few others with him. .

“Campfield said Santorum called him personally earlier, even though he was an outspoken advocate of Gingrich and co-chairman of the former U.S. House speaker’s campaign in the state. After he met with the other legislators, Campfield said he met separately with Santorum, who “asked me to leave Newt Gingrich and support him.”

The paper also goes on to say ” Campfield said three of the five people on the 2nd Congressional District ballot Tuesday as candidates to become committed Gingrich delegates to the Republican National Convention have joined Campfield in switching to Santorum supporters.”


As much as I have my heart set to writing in Herman, I will have to vote Newt just because this was dirty 3 days before super Tuesday.

Feel free to complain about whatever.




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