Pay no Attention to the Kitchen Sinks

Two weeks out and it appears the democrats are throwing everying they have to the media hoping something will stick.  Lets start with Gloria Allred, famed attorney for suffering women everywhere.  She’s been licking her chops for a week teasing about a bombshell October surprise, and it could be what’s featured in TMZ today (H/T Hot Air). Surprise!!! Romney knows someone who got a divorce.  Yeah, I know. Bit of a letdown.  TMZ was told Allred represents someone connected to the divorce.

The basics indicate one of his main supporters, Tom Stemberg, a co-founder of Staples got a divorce from his first wife and the battle raged for quite a while. Years in fact. So, it was a long, long time ago. It was not pretty and the records were sealed.  Not unusual in high profile, big money cases.  Also, Romney gave a deposition and even testified at the divorce hearing.  Today we learn the Boston Globe is working to get those old court papers unsealed because they contain  “juicy information about Romney.” And there goes a flying kitchen sink.

They’ve thrown Bigbird, bayonets, binders and Biden at Romney. These things have not helped Obama, but they’re desperate and it shows.  This has nothing to do with the economy which most voters have made clear is their main concern right now. This is  designed to..honestly I’m not really sure what the heck it’s designed to do. I mean it could redirect people’s attention from the polls, but the numbers will still be there and Obama will still be dropping.  Is it suppose to get everyones mind off Libya? Really? Not happening and no contest.

Well, whatever their motives, Romney doesn’t care so that’s that.  An article up on Politico says Romney has no problem with the records being unsealed and that basically Romney provided testimony on the value of  Staples stock which was part of the divorce settlement. And consider, Romney has run for political office several times and has been scrubbed and any potentially harmful oppo out there would have been brought up by now.

This is an embarrassment to the Democratic party, which is fine by me. My concern lies with Donald Trump who has promised his own October bombshell moment. Please Trump, do not let it be equally embarrassing for us.




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