Excuse me! What’s our agenda again?

It appears I need some clarification. Perhaps you guys can help. Just what exactly was the end purpose of the last couple of years?  The wave of 2010, the presidential primary with all its backstabbing and infighting and then that glorious mess we saw yesterday?  I was under the, apparently mistaken, belief it was so we could take care of an agenda. We rode this rollercoaster with the intent that congress and the president we installed would aid us with our goals. We don’t have the oval office, but we still have the agenda and its grown.

Get rid of OBAMCARE was one of the things on our to-do list. Even though we took no stock in the polls, some of them actually told us the majority of people are not wild about Obamacare. Okay, so now we are right back where we were two years ago  and what’s the plan? Romney kept shifting his stance but we shouldn’t shift ours. Do we work on defunding? What can we do on the Obamacare front?

Another goal was to actually have LESS GOVERNMENT intrusion in our lives.  To reduce or abolish departments that are either unnecessary, over-reaching in their regulatory duties, or fiscally irresponsible. And oddly enough, we still need to get rid of some of the bloated government on this day after. How can we can we accomplish this?

Fix this ECONOMIC morass we’re in. This cyclone of spending, and borrowing, and taxing. This hasn’t changed. Despite what the unemployment numbers have shown lately, I’m not convinced we’re down much at all.  And we know employment is what’s needed to generate revenue to help pay off the debt and adequately fund those departments that are truly needed.

The ENERGY issue. We’ve still got to deal with that and its obvious our idea of all of the above and Obama’s are two different ideas. He’s wasted so much taxpayer money on his green energy dreams while choking with red tape those things needed to truly cut our foreign dependancy on oil.

So, now we are right back where we started from.  Same scenario with no oval office, no Senate, a questionable Scotus. We can spend the next two years trying to educate an apathetic public and its a worthy goal but we can’t focus on just educating. Because we tried that over the last two years. We showed them how this administration was hurting our country. They didn’t appear concerned that their money was wasted on the Solyndras of this administration. We detailed how an ambassador and others died on American soil because of lack of action from this administration. They are nonplussed.  We appealed to their nurturing sensiblities, explaining that borrowing money from China for wasteful things only hurt their children’s future. They could care less. We have yet to find the magic formula that makes them understand public housing, free phones and foodstamps are not intended for a lifetime they are merely bridges. Free pills are not a constitutional right. They are in fear of losing all these things as well being under a paranoid delusion we are taking away their big birds and vaginas. Either they are not listening or we are all really crappy teachers.

How do we go about taking care of our to do list now while educating them that big bird can live on through capitalism? I’m not sure we’d get good guidance from the Karl Rove and Orrin Hatch establishment types. Its up to us. Thoughts, ideas, anyone? Bueller?


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