Lets pick a candidate soon, not 3 1/2 years from now

(you know the establishment is)

This was the most contentious battle ever. Not between Republicans and Democrats, rather between Republicans and Republicans. Our primary process was packed with conservatives of all stripes and while we fought amongst ourselves the one who emerged victorious was the one guy a majority of us never picked as a first choice.  Oh, we dutifully played our supportive roles in the last few months but it was ugly and, while we fought, they spent their time on their “ground game”. Romney supposedly had a bit of a following and theortically knew what was expected as he had attempted this in the past, but there just wasn’t enought there.

We’ve got plenty of time to groom, and train.  And hopefully our trainees will know enough to keep their noses clean and their mouths free from feet over the next couple of years so things they say can’t come back to bite them. And it would put the Republican “leaders” on notice that we are not fooling around, before they start sinking money into their (moderate)favorites effectively shutting ours (conservative) out.

The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein offers up a list of 12 who might possibly fit the bill. I’ve got no problem with Jindal, or Rubio or even Palin for that matter…but I’m not wild about the prospects of Christie and I’m not even sure who Morrow “The Grizz” Taylor is. But he sounds fascinating. Regardless, this isn’t a rehash of Weinstein’s suggestions rather a desire to see if we can reach agreement a little sooner and perhaps have a duck or two groomed ahead of time.

Oh, yeah. That guy Perry was also mentioned, as he’s thinking about another grab at the ring.



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