Get Ready to Welcome our Newest State…North Colorado! Secession talks getting underway.

“This is not a stunt. This is a very serious deliberative discussion that’s going on.”  That’s the word from Weld County Colorado Commissioner Sean Conway.   Apparently, the northern counties are strong in agriculture and energy, but over regulation in the energy  industry is causing problems for the nor-Cols and they’re not getting a lot of support from the dem leaders in the legislature or the Governor’s office.   “The whole purpose of doing this is to preserve an agricultural way of life and to protect the energy sector, that we feel is very much under assault.”

But Weld county is not wanting to break away on its own. According to the CBS story out of Denver, 7 other nor-Col counties would be involved. And, apparently parts of Nebraska are showing an interest in the possible new state as well.  Conway said the matter of secession is “likely’ to be on the ballot in the fall.

Ok. So there’s the background.  Colorado is divided. Notice this wasn’t a  red v blue move on the part of nor-Col, rather  counties who felt they were not getting representation for their concerns unique to their area.  Not sure if they can pull this off.  Voters in each county would have to approve it first and then petition Congress.

I’m not well versed as to all of Nor-Cols problems.  Are the oil and gas regulations that are to blame, state or federal regs?  If they’re federal, how wold creating your own state help that much?  Other energy rich states are being squeezed by regs as well.  And  farmers in all states  have issues.  Personally, I’m rooting for Nor-Col with parts of Nebraska thrown in for good measure if they choose to do so.

And if it happens there, consider that it might open the door for counties in others states to break away.



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