Lois Lerner Seeks Immunity for Not Doing Anything Wrong

I’m confused. But before you break out into a chorus of “amen to that”, consider Ms. Lerner is more confused than I am.  Last month she went before the House Oversight committee which is trying to get to the bottom of exactly why the IRS would want to slow walk  requests from conservative organizations seeking non profit status.

Last month, she went before the committee and invoked the fifth amendment but not before proclaiming “I have not done anything wrong,” Lerner told the House Oversight Committee during a hearing about the IRS’ practices Wednesday. “I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations, and I have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee.”

That was confusing enough.  But yesterday, after all these proclamations of innocence, her attorney comes out and informs us that if we want to hear what she has to say, she has to be granted immunity.  So the part I’m having trouble with is, immunity from what.  She claimed she did nothing wrong, didn’t break laws, didn’t violate rules or regs and she didn’t lie. That’s an awful lot of stuff she didn’t do, and she wants to make darn sure she doesn’t get in trouble for not doing it. Or something.

Maybe she’ll come back claiming she only did what she was told and then start naming names, and she’s afraid of losing her position if those people don’t want their names out there. But really, when you’re called to testify under oath to an investigative committee you shouldn’t fear for your job. You’re under oath! You’re obligated to give the truth.  (Still, if the name she gives out is tied to a really big, important person….)

Taking the fifth last month made it appear she was hiding something. Now we know for certain she is.  We should ask ourselves do we give her full immunity for doing absolutely nothing wrong or promise the immunity on the off chance she’ll really give up the name of someone who hasn’t yet left the building .



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