Are we annexing the moon, or do we just declare dibs?

The Hill  reports Dems Donna Apollo and Eddie Johnson of Texas  are proposing House Resolution 2617 or as its affectionately known by its simple title The Apollo Lunar Landing Sites National Historical Park, which will be based on the moon. It will be where the Apollo missions landed between 1969 and 1972 and encompass where we landed on the moon and include all the stuff we left behind.   Also, and this is odd, the legislation calls for government to “submit the Apollo 11 lunar landing site to the  United Nations for designation as a World Heritage site.”

Can we do that to the moon? The moon isn’t on our world.  We want to call it a “National” park. So then that makes the moon part of our nation ?

Anyway, we have to do all this stuff and plan ahead because once people start landing on the moon willy nilly we need to make sure our area is preserved and protected for future generations. That’s the reasoning. Anyway, the first link takes you directly to a pdf of HR 2617 which shows the actual bill and what the two representatives have planned for this historic park. Its fun reading and please pay special attention to the word “Secretary” because , if I’ve read this right, it refers to the “Secretary of the Interior”.  As you read you will see the Secretary of the Interior will pretty much have the “run of the park” so to speak. Much of this falls under his/her purview.  There’s plans too for the Smithsonian to do cataloging fo any artifacts.  truly, this bill covers it all.  The second link is the actual Hill story.

And I hate to go back to this, but are we declaring eminent domain? Its the moon!  Are we allowed to say “We saw it first. We landed first. We call dibs on this part and are turning it into a park!”

Are we that arrogant?



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