McCain wants Stand Your Ground laws “reviewed”

Oh boy, are we gonna have fun with this one

Senator John McCain on State of the Union this morning said he wanted to leave the Senate. I think. Maybe I misunderstood him.

“I can also see that Stand Your Ground law may be something that needs to be reviewed by the Florida legislature or any other legislature that has passed such legislation.”

And that’s pretty much the backstory. McCain wants the self defense laws “reviewed” and said he was confident that it would be in Arizona “because it is a very controversial legislation.”  He made the remark on a segment of the show that was spotlighting “race and justice in America” according to the video clip on National Review.

Over at The Hill,  we find out McCain thinks we’re prejudiced.  “McCain said he and others were “probably too optimistic” that racial prejudices  would lessen after President Obama’s election in 2008. “Old prejudices  die hard, especially in hard economic times,” McCain said. “We’ve got a long way to go.”

And there you have it. Most here thank him for his service as a veteran, but that’s about all we thank him for these days.  While Rubio was the major disappointment on the illegal immigration bill it was only because we had a belief he was going to do as he said the whole time he campaigned. We never had that delusion with McCain. He’s been dubbed McAmnesty for a reason.  He may be a hawk on some matters of foreign police and defense, that’s where the little r beside his name stops.  He takes wrong left turns more and more these days.

He has never been a conservative. We know this.  And by going against “stand your ground” laws he is going against supporters of the 2nd amendment.  Now, I don’t know the true statistics on Arizona regarding how many people have guns, or how many there are per household, or if they give their guns pet names.  But I did discover that Arizona was ranked number one in the country as being gun-friendly according to the March edition of Guns and Ammo magazine.  They base the ranking on gun legislation. Is it conceal and carry/open carry, does it have a stand your ground law, things of that nature. And Arizona was tops. So, I suspect they like their firearms.

Now, that second quote from his interview, the part about “prejudices”, indicates he really thinks that incident down in Florida was about race.  Because one guy, who was part Latino and who happened to mentor black youth in his spare time, shot a black kid who was on top of him and slamming his head into a sidewalk. Where Republicans see this as a self defense issue, McCain sees a racial aspect and old prejudices.

I bring this stuff to your attention because McCain is up for re-election in 2016.  And if you have a mind to, now would be a good time to pack up the family and move to Arizona. Make friends and develop close relationships with neighbors. Get adjusted to the climate. And then run for Senate. Please.


Fun Fact: According to McCain’s senate website, the state fossil for Arizona is petrified wood. (that’s what it says although the point could be argued)






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