Suggestion for the Site

Now that we've played with the toy for a bit...

I’m parking this here because I didn’t want to go O/T somewhere else and then realized as soon as I did, others might want to jump in with their own suggestions.   Rep. Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) put up a diary today entitled ” Top 10 Concerns with the Senate Immigration Bill”   http://www.redstate.com/bobgoodlatte/2013/07/25/top-10-concerns-with-the-senate-immigration-bill/  .  It can be found with our diaries.  Trouble is sometimes diaries get written and then are quickly dropped down in the pile and often overlooked.   C’mon admit it, we’ve all been guilty.

Many times if a legislator writes a dairy (or an an aid who has been given permission to use the legislator’s name on said diary) it gets put into the hallowed  row of “FRONT PAGE” diaries for all to enjoy/attack/ruminate over.

My suggestion or question would be, can we have a “Legislator’s Corner” where diaries from lawmaker’s can go. A special place just for them.  I’m not sure that’s possible unless they are given a special “tool” which would allow them access to this desirable and highly coveted area.

Anyway, that’s just a suggestion. Now awaiting all yours.

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