The Spot for those who got banned today and others frustrated with Sen. Rubio’s Diary

Senator Marco Rubio penned a diary today entitled Shut Down Obamacare, Not Government. In short he outlines why it is imperative we defund Obamacare. Truly, a good cause and a good diary.  No self respecting RedStater likes Obamacare, so for many he was merely preaching to the choir. Handing conservatives red meat, as it were.

I’m sure it was no shock to anyone that the responses quickly delved off into Rubio’s unforgivable sin, the support for amnesty and illegal immigration.  Moderator Bill S was doing his best to keep posts on topic and at times it appeared as if he were playing whack a mole with irate posters. As soon as he would stop one, another would slip in. Threats were issued and I believe bans may have been enforced.

I never responded to the Senator fearing I, too, would be banned for calling him out on his audacity.   Questioning how he could fundraise during a campaign on one position of an issue, then changing course so quickly after obtaining his goal of getting in office. Any response I would have made,would have portrayed the same emotions the other posters put forward. Frustration, anger and hurt.  And even though some may have gotten banned from posting on that diary or refrained due to possible reprisal, the frustration is still out there.

It is frustrating to have people like Erick and other Front Page writers encourage us to call, write, email, and generally do whatever is necessary to get in touch with a senator or representative to say things like “don’t vote for this bill” or “sign this letter” or make contact with their office somewhere on some issue of the day only to be met with  a perfunctory “I’ll pass it along”, or greeted with silence, or at worst derision. We call and we haunt for what?  They are not listening.  He, Marco Rubio was not listening when he was called about illegal immigration and many came  from the conservative base.

How do I know he got calls from conservatives?  Because today he came back….here. Asking for our help. Read it yourself.

“Defunding ObamaCare is a critical first step to preventing all this, and this September, we need the American people to stand with us in demanding that not another cent be spent on implementing ObamaCare.”  Rubio  (emphasis min)

So,  now he comes in and asks us to stand with him on this important issue. Make no mistake he wasn’t asking for your opinion when he put up the diary.  He was merly saying words behind a podium. He said his peace and left.  Where was he when diary after diary was posted seeking an explanation for his illegal immigration voting  behavior. He offered up no comments.   Why wasn’t he putting up diaries about that. Because he knew we would have assailed him on it. Look, I’m all for defunding Obamacare. And its possible Rubio truly wanted Obamacare defunded maybe even repealed. I hope it gets defunded in spite of him.

I suspect the paths of conservatives and Rubio will cross in the future on some issue. But the trust factor is no longer there. Much as some of us supported Dem Bart Stupak in his effort to ensure that federal dollars would not be used for abortions under Obamacare, we were never in his camp.  We merely used each other.  There was never trust.

And that’s where the anger and the frustration and the hurt of the betrayal of Rubio comes in.  We wanted him in office because we believed him. We trusted him to do as he promised.  Yep, we trusted a politician and got burned. And now he comes waltzing on conservative turf trying to put some salve on the burn, cooing  “everything’s gonna be alright. I’m here, for now. For a little while..maybe.

Don’t know if the ones who got banned were just banned from that diary, or for the day, or from setting foot on this continent again. But if you still feel like venting, feel free here.






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