Hey, Peter King! Nice Way to Start off that Presidential Run.

Earlier this month  New York Republican Rep Peter King announced he would be running for president.   You might have missed the proclamation and the groundswell of support is not exactly spreading like wildfire.

And maybe its due to the lack of media attention that he came out Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and complained Ted Cruz supporters were calling his office and using “vile, profane, obscene language.”  Ok, I’ll admit cussing out the office staff doesn’t work which is why most of us don’t employ that tactic when phoning our lawmakers.  But apparently he got calls from some overzealous Cruz fans and hit the airwaves for sympathy. Or to shine a little spotlight on his run.

And while the articles aren’t lengthy, they are beginning to show up. Politico, Real Clear Politics, Washington Times, as well as a boatload of blogs. The Times seems to have the longest but much of it focuses on Cruz, so I’m not sure how much help King got from that one.

While I didn’t catch Morning Joe yesterday, or any of the last decade for that matter, Politico did the job for me and a couple parts stood out .

This one:

 “King said while the majority of Cruz fans are “good people,” he’s concerned about what sentiments Cruz has preyed on. While he doesn’t know if Republicans can reach Cruz, they should try to “heal tensions” with his supporters, he said.”


And this one:

“I think what we have to do is reach out to his people and let them know that they’re following a false leader here.”


He wants to heal tensions with the Republican conservative base by letting us know we’re following a false leader? Does he have a different leader in mind? Him perhaps? Not sure that the arrogant and condescending manner is gong to win over the base which candidate King would need for a successful presidential bid.







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