Let’s All Focus on Abortion, And Divert Attention from Everything Else. Do it for Lindsey Graham.

I will preface by saying I am pro-life, and not in the way Wendy Davis describes it.*  I say that to underscore that I appreciate this cause. A cause which Sen. Lindsey Graham of S.C. has decided now is a good a time as any to fight for. Specifically, the cause of banning late term abortions. Remember, this is the same type law which Davis filiblustered against for hours in Texas. A plurality of people oppose late term abortions and so this issue could be appealing  especially to conservatives and mod Republicans. So Graham takes advantage.


“Flanked by anti-abortion groups, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) will unveil legislation on Thursday to federally ban abortions after five months of  pregnancy. “


And while banning LTA’s is favored by most, myself included,  there is still the matter of abortion, in and of itself, being a hot button issue. One which will cause those who see nothing wrong with the practice to flock toward. Feminists, pro abortion, live-and-let-livers, take your pick. And then all media attention pivots straight to this cause.  In other words it will remove all the oxygen out of a room. Attention to other topics will dwindle as lefties find their footing again.


Right now, Conservatives and Republicans have been given a boon. The failure of the Obamacare website and the myriad of problems the law has created really hurt the President’s credibility.  Not by one or two points and not just in one small focus group. Almost everybody hates what is happening with the Democrat’s law, including Dems.  People are seeing Conservative’s were right all along.  And the media is actually helping us point out the egregious nature of the law as well as its horrible rollout.  We have the great unifier.


So, why would someone choose right now to show off a shiny object to distract from the one thing which has actually given us a media sympathetic moment?  The moment in which hundreds of thousands of Americans are opening a letter informing them they are about to lose healthcare for their family and then are getting mad at somebody when they discover new insurance  will, for most, be extremely expensive. And they are not getting mad at us. Because they’re learning it was not us who passed it and too much government is a bad thing.


Yes, we can walk and chew gum. And soon we will be forced to walk, chew gum, and cook a three course meal because soon the media will tire of Obamacare unless we keep the pressure up.  There are bills already talked about and were scheduled before Obamacare letters went out. As the bills come up we will be fighting for airtime in an effort to keep demonstrating how much Obamacare is hurting this country.  Every hot button issue detracts.


Graham could have waited on this. And I’m not just saying that because I don’t like Graham. I just wish he would have picked a better moment. See, here’s the bad part. There are those who would get mad and say “no, we can’t wait because everyday we wait another baby dies.” I get that. I do.   And there are those on the other side who would mock and claim, “she wants to take down Obamacare so bad, she’d even turn away from a pro life bill.”  No I’m not turning away from it.


Just asking our lawmakers to hold off on introducing any more shiny objects for just a little while.  At least the lawmakers on “our side”.  Please.


*  http://www.valleymorningstar.com/news/local_news/article_5374c1f2-469e-11e3-bc9f-001a4bcf6878.html#user-comment-area





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