A Quarter Million People Invited Back to Test Drive Obamacare. What Could Go Wrong?

The Government has a plan to make sure the Obamacare website is up and running.  Testing it while offline and under theoretical situations would be sensible but that could mean taking it offline for longer than a weekend and that would be an embarrassment. So, instead the plan is to email about 275,000 people who were unsuccessful in signing up for an account, and welcoming them back for another go round.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services tells The Hill that emails have begun going out and would continue to do so for about a week.

One major complaint originally was that you had to set up an account from the very beginning because there was no other way to determine which plans offered what or check the price of plans. Basically, you couldn’t shop for a plan.  Also you couldn’t figure up your subsidy.  You had to set up the account first before you could see what was behind it. Now apparently, that “glitch” has been fixed. We’ll see.

But still there were thousands who were somehow able to  make it through the maze and sign up over the last few weeks. And they’ve been coming back with horror stories.  Serious breaches of privacy. Discovering staggering rate hikes to both premiums and deductibles.  Learning your trusted physician wasn’t available on a plan. Or that you’d have to drive  miles out of your way to find a doctor on your plan. All this and more has come out in just a few short weeks.

But now the government feels the time is right to invite 275,000 back to take another crack at setting up an account. What happens if they’re successful this time. Will their privacy be guaranteed or will their information wind up on someone else’s computer five state’s away? Is it hackerproof, or will the quarter million guinea pigs be setting themselves up for future fraud?  And even if it is one hundred percent private and safe what’s going to happen when these people check out the prices? Lots of glee and handclapping over the low, low rates?

Now, its possible these people will have to sign some kind of “keep your mouth shut” affidavit  about their experience. If they don’t, we may have more horror stories sooner than we expect.


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