Bevin Gets Endorsement From FreedomWorks

As recently as last week, conservative org Freedomworks had still not made an endorsement in Kentucky. That’s changed according to word from the Hill.com. Matt Bevin picked up the endorsement today, adding to those Bevin’s already gotten from the Senate Conservatives Fund and the Madison Project. So, why did FreedomWorks hold out? Well, as of last week they were still surveying their members, according to the org’s president, Matt Kibbe.

You could already tell Kibbe has been scrutinizing McConnell’s floor of support recently, and that poll numbers are going down for the moderate senator. “It’s pretty clear to me that, if Mitch McConnell wins the primary, he’s highly vulnerable in the general, and if you’re worried about saving that seat, you may need to reconsider your premises about who can win,” Kibbe said in last week’s interview.

If you skip over to the FreedomWorks website you’ll find a nice release out today entitled the Top Ten Bad Votes of Senator Mitch McConnell.  It’s a tidy, neat little package reminding us of some of the things McConnell has done which in turn reminds us of why he is not a conservative. It is not a complete list, just the top ten, but enough so if anyone asks the silly question “why – what’s wrong with McConnell?,” you’ll have this handy dandy shopping list to refer to. But certainly feel free to add to the list if you so chose.

Good to see Bevin is getting more endorsements as time goes on.



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