Draper Gets Approval to Push for the California Secession on Steriods

California must be going through a dissociative identity disorder of the highest magnitude.   We’ve heard rumblings of secession from various counties in several states for quite awhile now. Even California has had counties off and on begging for separation.  It generally involves a group of contiguous counties requesting permission to split off from the rest of the state, leaving you with a brand new state.  But California apparently has more than just an just Edward Norton/Brad Pitt  “Fight Club” taking place.  As split personalities go, its getting dangerously close to a remake of Sybil.

Tim Draper is a Tech Venture Capitalist who came up with the idea back in December to split California into six states. Since that time he’s taken to various media to help him get the word out.  When he came up with it a lot of people didn’t take the idea too seriously.  There are a lot of hurdles to jump.  Draper has officially cleared one.

California’s Secretary of State has now given the g0-ahead to Draper to begin getting the requisite 807,615 signatures needed to qualify to get the measure on a ballot at some future date. He’s got 150 days to get the signatures.  And with news coming out this week that a California Democrat is looking to give state funded healthcare to illegal immigrants, Draper may get his signatures sooner than he thought.

Draper has called the state nearly ungovernable and believes breaking it down into more manageable pieces will allow each piece to govern more effectively.  I like it, but then I’m always a sucker for the secession underdog.

If you haven’t seen the proposed six California’s, here’s an article from Mercury News which  shows a map of what Draper envisions. But its clear in the initiative that if a county doesn’t like where it has been placed it can always push to go with a contiguous California state, so this map may not be the final makeup. If you’ve ever lived in California or thought about going back, take a look at the map and figure out which state you would be in now.       http://www.mercurynews.com/portal/business/ci_24784838/tech-investor-tim-draper-launches-six-californias-ballot?_loopback=1

Political representation on a local level may be more to everyone’s liking with the split but imagine the possibilities of what these six Cali’s would mean on the federal level.

Here’s a copy of the Secretary of State’s release giving Draper the go-ahead to get 807,000+ registered voters to let it go on the ballot, if you like the weedy stuff.  http://www.sos.ca.gov/admin/press-releases/2014/db14-025.htm

PS – Even if every single legal and illegal person in the state agrees,  it still has to be approved at the federal level, which leaves the chances of this actually occurring at….hmmm.






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